Beta Changelog

The beta's made a lot of substantial changes to our game: here they are!

  • About half of the content has been completely remade
  • Difficulty is now scalable! The game will test your speed and place you in a set difficulty range.
  • Collectathon system introduced — collect NPCs as you travel through the tower.
  • Completely new puzzle mechanics including switches and ice blocks
  • Brand new intro cutscene. We're proud of this one.
  • Map completion progress is displayed in the menu & there's a certain reward for completing a map.
  • The game is now entirely controllable with a keyboard — type menu items to select them! (You can still use the mouse if you prefer)
  • New enemy type
  • Dodging — you can now dodge out of the way of attacks with just the right timing.
  • Lots of new sound design changes (SFX galore)
  • Enemies have real names now!
  • Edited movement animation (trying to make it more comfy)
  • Lots of tiny graphical changes & new animations

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